Character Traits

These are some of the traits I look for when hiring, based on experience working with 10x people:

  • Does not make decisions without thinking through it from all the angles. Willing to debate with others to get to the truth on big decisions.
  • Prioritizes outcome over ego or optics. Willing to compromise when it’s the right thing to do.
  • Is respectful of time and resources and does not procrastinate or waste time on low-value tasks during the day.
  • Ability to see other’s point of views, but still advocate for theirs to reach consensus without becoming disrespectful or dismissive.
  • Keen listening skills, will listen first before talking to fully understand others.
  • Sense of responsibility, reliability and genuine care for the well being of members, teammates and the company.
  • Consistently builds trust with teammates via their actions and words. Open to new ideas and experiences.
  • Is able to stay up with the demands and stresses of a startup lifestyle and multi-task at times or log in early/late hours to keep things moving.
  • Asks the right questions to get to the bottom of an issue. Does not make assumptions without facts or data.
  • Does not interrupt other’s flow without their permission.
  • Is intensely interested and passionate about the details of their work. Has the grit to see hard work through.
  • Is willing to delay gratification for increased opportunity in the future.
  • A growth mindset – always strives to learn more, learn from mistakes, persevere and stay positive in the face or conflict and difficulty.
  • Is able to independently plan and organize their tasks and prioritize on the fly. Works hard, and works smart to not waste effort.
  • Does not seek to place blame on others when at fault, able to apologize and take responsibility for own actions.
  • Criticizes by creating.
  • Fosters a fun, collaborative, agreeable and constructive work environment.

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