Being Happy

As human beings, our ultimate goal should be to maximize our happiness and live in harmony with each other and our environment. Recent studies have shown that the qualities that increase lasting happiness in humans are: Living in a supportive group of friends and family (having a tribe). Having enough material wealth so food and… Continue reading Being Happy

This Clay

For four billion yearsthe Sun spins dark into dayThe absorbed lightgrows life in this clay. From primordial soupto conscious mindSearching, conqueringall it can find. Of great aptitudeof noble fateEmpowered by choiceenslaved by date. To war and follyor embrace the dove?For fleeting gloryor eternal love? The stage is readythe show must go on!Get ready the actorsprepare… Continue reading This Clay


Reinventing Money

Humans invented money out of necessity. We started with hunting, gathering, and trade. Gifts were exchanged between tribes as a symbol of respect to make social fabrics stronger and satisfy our innate sense of reciprocity. As our populations flourished due to agriculture and cities began to form, money was a logical device to take away… Continue reading Reinventing Money