Eating Well

Choosing what we eat is a great opportunity for developing will power, social consciousness, and setting up ourselves for a long and healthy life.

It’s not easy to understand what to eat in a world full of opinion wonder diets and ever-shifting scientific recommendation.

Being a foodie and a home cook, I’ve slowly refined my diet over time to semi-healthy unprocessed foods but was never able to get to a weight I was happy with. I have a genetic disposition for high-cholesterol, high blood pressure and fatty liver disease. Sugar and bread were things I could not give up easily.

When stumbled upon the “Perfect Health Diet” and things finally clicked. All the pieces of food wisdom I had picked up through different sources where finally together in a holistic lifestyle that made scientific, evolutionary, and common sense.

Yes, I had to finally give up wheat and sugar, but I got to keep things like rice, potatoes and that kept me satisfied.

Watch this for an overview of the theory behind the diet and why it works:


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